Olive Harvesting

Olive harvest 08 009With the advent of the super-high density system for olive growing, California has seen a dramatic increase in acreage planted to olives. Vineyard Ops, Inc. provides custom mechanical harvesting services for growers producing olives for olive oil production.
• Our mechanical harvesters are specially modified to maximize the picking area and maintain fruit quality
• Unique soft bucket collection system on the Braud harvesters, maximize the return to the grower with no damage to the tree
•  Able to dump into many sizes of picking bins or trailers

Super High Density Olive Planting

The super high density system for olives was developed in Spain during the mid 90’s and brought to California in 2001.  Traditional olives are planted 120 trees per acres and hand harvested.  In the super-high density systems, trees are planted 5-6 feet apart down the row with 11-13 feet between rows.  Super high density olive plantings have 550 to 800 trees per acre, trellised like a vineyard; pruned to remain short in stature; and harvested with mechanical harvesters.   Farming inputs are minimal with a post-harvest copper treatment to prevent olive-knot infections.
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